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EN: Today I thought it would be fun to do the boyfriend tag to get to know how much (or less) my boyfriend actually knows about me. Are you curious? Read on quickly!

NL: Vandaag leek het mij leuk om de boyfriend tag te doen en mijn vriend te testen hoe veel (of weinig haha) hij eigenlijk over mij weet. Ben je benieuwd? Lees dan snel verder!

When is my birthday?
Mehdi: 12th of June.
Anouck: 12th of June.

What color are my eyes?
Mehdi: Brown with a ‘tingling’ of green.
Anouck: Brown with some green.

What do I watch when I am watching TV?
Mehdi: GTST.
Anouck: GTST or ‘Helemaal Het Einde’.

Name something I don’t like
Mehdi: Fish
Anouck: Fish. Ew.

What’s my favorite drink?
Mehdi: Fanta or a non-alcoholic Mojito.
Anouck: Fanta or a non-alcoholic Mojito.

What’s my shoe size?
Mehdi: 38
Anouck: Wrong… 37

What sports did I do?
Mehdi:Dancing and gymnastics.
Anouck: Dancing and gymnastics for only 1 week… Hahaha

What am I afraid of?
Mehdi: Spiders.
Anouck: Spiders.

If I would collect something, what would it be?
Mehdi: I don’t know.
Anouck: Bags.

What’s my favorite sandwich?
Mehdi: ‘Broodje gezond’ from Bakker Bart.
Anouck: Wtf no?! A sandwich with Carpaccio.

What could I eat every day?
Mehdi: Pasta.
Anouck: Pasta.

What’s my favorite breakfast?
Mehdi: I don’t know…
Anouck: American pancakes or french toast. I usually skip breakfast.

What is my favorite music genre?
Mehdi: Arabic music.
Anouck: I don’t know. But I do like Arabic music. I don’t listen to music often.

What’s my favorite sports team?
Mehdi: You don’t have one.
Anouck: I don’t have one. I hate sports. But maybe the NT of Morocco? We are going to support them in Russia during the World Cup of 2018!

Name something you wish I didn’t do
Mehdi: Talking to me when I just woke up or when I am tired.
Anouck: I don’t know. But yeah, you really hate that hahaha.

Where am I born?
Mehdi: Heerenveen
Anouck: Heerenveen

What is my favorite cake?
Mehdi: Red Velvet
Anouck: Red Velvet

What can I do for hours?
Mehdi: I don’t know.
Anouck: Watching a serie for hours haha.

How long are we together?
Mehdi: Almost 3 years on January the 22nd.
Anouck: Almost 3 years on January the 11th… Hahaha.

What’s my favorite color?
Mehdi: Pink
Anouck: Pink

Who said ‘I love you’ first?
Mehdi: You
Anouck: Me

Where did we go on our first vacation together?
Mehdi: Paris.
Anouck. No. Morocco, we visited your family and went to Marrakech together.

What movie makes me cry?
Mehdi: Every movie where an animal dies.
Anouck: Lord of the rings. I cried 5 times…

Name 3 places/country’s I would like to visit
Mehdi: Bali, Maldives and Hawaii.
Anouck: Bali, Egypt and Peru. Hawaii too but not the Maldives. I would rather visit Fiji instead.

Name 4 places/country’s I would like to live
Mehdi: Dubai, Morocco, Curacao and Antwerp.
Anouck: Dubai, Morocco, Curacao and Bali. You didn’t know I would like to live on Bali but Antwerp is correct too.

What are my favorite movie genres?
Mehdi: Horror and….. Romantic movies?
Anouck: I HATE romantic movies… I do love horror and fantasy. I also really like animation movies like Disney Pixar and Dreamworks.

How long does it takes for me to get ready in the morning without doing my make-up?
Mehdi: Ehm, 15 minutes?
Anouck: No. 20 minutes haha.

And how long when I am doing my make-up?
Mehdi: I’m usually still asleep when you’re getting ready in the morning. But ehm, half an hour?
Anouck: Hahaha I wish. It takes me 1,5 hours.

Am I a morning or evening person?
Mehdi: Evening.
Anouck: Yes. We both are.

What do I order at Starbucks?
Mehdi: That drink you ordered the last time. Ice tea?
Anouck: Yes. Green Ice Tea Peach. I LOVE it.

What did you learn from me?
Mehdi: To plan better.
Anouck: I don’t know.

Who is more jealous?
Mehdi: You are.
Anouck: Me… Oops.

What would I buy when I won €1000?
Mehdi: Probably some bullshit.
Anouck: No?! I would book our next trip besides our trips to St Petersburg and Morocco next year.

My girlfriend is……………….
Mehdi: Super sweet.
Anouck: Ahhhhhhh…

NL: Bedankt voor het lezen! Ik hoop dat jullie deze Boyfriend Tag leuk vonden om te lezen xxx

EN: Thanks for reading guys! Hope you think this Boyfriend Tag was fun to read xxx

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